Two weeks of joy, happiness and love. Adventuring in Bali with Avalon International Academy provided some of the most profound moments in my life. Inspiring people, engaging Art, incredible culture, wondrous nature and cute little animals – Avalon have created a bowl of exotic experiences. If you wish to grow mentally and spiritually whilst creating art with some of the most talented performers you will ever meet this course is for you. Two incredible human beings – Ellie and Aaron – will provide the most loving guidance. They will show you the true authentic Bali that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Ben Wells, actor

I couldn’t express my gratitude towards Avalon International Academy enough. The experience they have created is priceless. Not only will you learn untold amounts about the Balinese theatre and culture, you will experience first hand the local people and places that influence both. For the two weeks you will create a multicultural, Balinese family that will enhance you as a performer and a person. An experience so personal it couldn’t be achieved without the help and friendships created by Aaron and Ellie.

5 Star - Thank you Avalon!

Amanda Phippen, actor

Today, about a month after my trip, my WhatsApp inbox is still active with the participants of the journey. My teachers Cok In and Wayan Bawa continue to facebook message me images of their family. I am even considering coming back because the work I started there simply does not feel finished. I mean this with the utmost honesty, but it’s as if I have woken up from one dream to another. Very few experiences find individuals bathing in sacred waters to drinking beer with foreigners in string-lit bars in the artistic capital of an island paradise. Seldom will one witness the utter joy of seeing the fulfillment that indigenous communities have just from sharing a dance between themselves. And rare is the opportunity to be humbled by the knowledge and devotion to compendiums of ideologues beyond our comprehension. I experienced all these magical moments and more in just two weeks here. The emptiness I feel leaving Bali was profound, but I am so grateful to have experienced this wonderful journey and I look forward to the day I’ll be back.

Greg Strasser, director

It has been two weeks since I returned from Bali and I am still walking on the air I found then. I had never had such an immersive theatre experience with a group of people who are just as excited about theatre. That truly made this Intensive Residency such a great experience for me. Before, I had been approaching this trip with a cautious optimism – I thought at the very least I’d be leaving with a wider network of theatre contacts in the U.K and abroad. But I am happy to have been proven wrong. The organized curriculum was relevant and taught in such a way where it feels like I can use it again in my own work. It was amazing to embrace an entirely different side of the world, its art while learning from the best of the best. The sightseeing was amazing and the discussions between the nine of us truly was the best part. I left Bali with an openness and a freedom towards my theatre work that I’ve never had before. I am excited to see where my work will go because of it. It is with a big heart that I thank you for giving me such a learning experience. It is better than I ever expected and I am excited for other students to have the same experience I did. Thank you Aaron and Ellie for committing yourselves fully to this project and giving us your passion for theatre and the Balinese people and culture. You guys are living your best lives, full love, culture, and theatre – thank you for showing me that’s what I should aspire to.

Carmen Marcon, student

Seeing Balinese culture through the eyes of Avalon was an experience second to none. The program Ellie and Aaron have put together is truly inspiring, never would I have experienced Bali's artistic culture in such rich and refined detail without the guidence of Avalon. As an artist seeking a wider understanding of the world, others and the arts it all their varied forms, Avalon Academy provided the perfect opportunity for me to further immerse myself in a world I thought I knew a lot about.... how wrong I was. Balinese arts is an explosion of music, dance, culture and crafts that I definitely wasn't prepared for; the ancient chimes of the gamelan are still ringing in my ears as I reminisce about some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences I had whilst on this residency. From climbing mountains at daybreak and seeing the best and most authentic dance troupes in the country, to relaxing in an entire resort booked just for us whilst watching a private performance of a long-lost and almost forgotten drama style be revived as if it had never left. The Avalon Academy Theatre Residency has to be one of the best experiences of my life so far. Ellie and Aaron should be commended for their efforts in bringing such an eye-opening and inspiring experience to the lucky few that are eager enough to discover this opportunity.

Joseph Derbyshire, Performer

Testimonials: Bali Theatre Residency