Photography Masterclasses

Hands-on learning in stunning locations around the globe. Hone your skills in travel photography with expert photographer Noel Marcantel, capturing the street scenes, wildlife and local culture of whichever beautiful country you choose to visit.

Upcoming opportunities:

Bali Travel Photography

An all-inclusive package: tuition, accommodation, meals and a variety of road trips exploring the incredible island of Bali, "isle of the gods".

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Borneo Wildlife Photography

Venture into the rainforest for some incredible wildlife photography opportunities. Explore the role and responsibilities of the travel photographer in depth, learning about conservation hands-on on this 10-day programme. Interested? Find out more here.

Utah Travel Photography

Utah is a paradise for landscape photographers: known for its natural diversity, this state is home to features ranging from arid deserts with dramatic sand dunes to verdant pine forests nestled in mountain valleys. Join us for a week of stunning sights and in-depth landscape photography tuition as well as access to unique cultural experiences. 

Interested? For further details drop us a line here.

Fuerteventura Urban and Landscape Photography

Second largest of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura boasts incredible sandy beaches, Sahara-like deserts and fascinating Urban landscapes.  Just 100km from the African coast, the landscape bears striking similarities, as does the style of architecture: such as houses with North African–style flat roofs for collecting rain. This week-long programme will give opportunity to capture both dramatic landscapes as well as colourful urban scenes. Get in touch to express interest by clicking here.

Rome Photography Workshop

A city famous for its history, art and culture, Rome does not disappoint. From ancient ruins to vibrant street-life, fantastic statues to mouth-watering cuisine, Italy's capital is one of the most inspirational cities in the entire world. This 7-day workshop focuses on street photography and sunrise/sunsets over this gorgeous location. Click to here to get in touch for more info.

China Travel Photography

Join us and explore the Middle Kingdom: from the magnificence of the Great Wall to the ethereal beauty of the bamboo forests, the impressive cityscapes of Shanghai and Beijing to the stunning scenes of rural China. Two weeks of exploration and adventure: for more details drop us a line here.