Bali Purnati Centre for the Arts, Batuan, Bali

The Bali Purnati Centre for the Arts, known in Indonesian as the Yayasan Bali Purnati was founded in 1999 as an international non-profit cultural foundation dedicated to the preservation, promotion, presentation and creation of new directions in the performing, visual and design arts. The scenic and serene cultural foundation is strategically located on the Indonesian island of Bali in the Batuan area of South Bali’s Gianyar regency. Batuan is a locale which has for long been renowned for its classical and contemporary music, dance, painting, woodcarving, stone sculpture and other cultural forms. The place-name Purnati, the exact site of this center, refers in the Balinese language to a “whole” or “pure heart”. Bali Purnati exists to inspire and create bridges of exchange, collaboration and understanding between people, traditions and cultures, and engages in all art fields and especially in the development of ground-breaking works fusing original Asian traditions with contemporary artistic treatment. 

Caudan Arts Centre, Port-Louis, Mauritius

Caudan Arts Centre is a brand new hub for music, art, dialogue, conferences and events located on the waterfront in Mauritius' capital, Port-Louis. They aim to deliver high quality artistic experiences, provide creative opportunities for all, and make arts and culture accessible to everyone. They are setting the stage for a new cultural scene in Mauritius and in the region. As an exciting and vibrant space, the arts centre aims to provide a new cultural lens through which people In Mauritius see the world and through which the world sees them. Their ethos is that 'creativity is an attribute that we all share: it is time we think of it as a force that can bring us together'. Avalon works with Caudan to create intercultural and community projects that are accessible to all.

Oka Kartini Centre for the Arts, Ubud, Bali

Set amidst landscaped gardens in Ubud, Bali, Oka Kartini is family-owned accommodation and arts centre, featuring traditional Balinese architecture including a family temple.  


On-site is a performance space, workshop space and a gallery which features Wayang Kulit puppets (handmade on-site), Balinese and Javan masks, wood carvings, and traditional paintings. Three times a week the Sekeha Swara Alam shadow puppet group perform in the grounds. The centre also offer a variety of workshops and lessons in traditional Balinese arts and crafts.