Testimonials: Language Courses

One of the best experience of my life!!! Learning English was so much fun and easy with them! I would totally recommend it to anyone!

- Lorenzo Marranzini 

I worked with Aaron in Torquay. Sincerely, he's a beautiful person and a wonderful teacher. He loved his students and they loved him back. He's an inspiring and talented educator!

- Ahyskel León

I was in Torquay last summer, and had Aaron as a teacher. It was absolutely great! Really funny lessons where you learned a lot and had a good laugh at the same time. You didn't only learn the language better, you learned about the culture and other important topics. One of the best summers in my life, with the best teacher!

- Sigrid Uggla

Aaron was the best teacher I've ever had. I wish I could repeat last summer when I was in his class because it was so much fun and I learned a lot. Aaron taught me one important thing that every teacher should teach his students, and that is not to be afraid to talk in another language because that is how you learn a new language the best way. He smiles a lot and it infected everyone so that they smiled automatically. I hope that one day I will have a teacher like him because through him I enjoyed going to school.

- Jasmin Spielmann 

I've been one of Ellie's students last summer and I had the pleasure to spend some time with Aaron! What can I say? They are absolutely incredible: they taught me new things every minute which we spent together. Miss them so much.

- Matilde Sacconi 

I was one of Aaron's students last summer. Only one word, GREAT! Learning English with him wasn't only about language, it was about culture. For me it has been a very inspiring experience because with Aaron we discussed about important things and problems of our situation in the world. And without realizing it we were all talking in English and we were learning and exchanging opinions. And we also had a lot of fun! 

- Martina Maggioni

I've been one of Aaron's students three summers ago, I can say he has been one of the most ispirational teachers of my life and, thanks to him, I've been enjoying my summer vacation as much as I've been improving my English :) I recently got to know Ellie too, she is a lovely person and I'm sure 100% an amazing teacher as well. 

Sono stata una delle studentesse di Aaron tre estati fa, posso dire che Aaron è stato uno dei migliori insegnanti di Inglese che abbia mai avuto e grazie a lui sono riuscita a godermi una fantastica vacanza ed insieme a migliorare moltissimo il mio inglese :) Recentemente ho conosciuto anche Ellie, una persona adorabile e sono sicura un'ottima insegnante.

- Giulia Tancredi 

I spent my August 2013 learning English in Torquay with the help of Aaron. As many other students I had a great experience. And it's not only about English. 
I mean, we all came with some grammar basic course or at least with any English level. But not everyone could speak — overcome the language barrier.  And that's what such language schools are about. Aaron talked to us, behaved on par and with respect. What impressed me most of all was that he was also interested in us. He really cared and sincerely tried to help. I guess, teachers should be like this. What is more, he always explained, helped us to feel comfortable and fluent in English. He said things that are really useful in life, for example master-class of providing First Aid. And he inspired me. Showed how great people are and how cool it is to have friends all over the world and speak English with them. So now my best friend is Italian (also his student!!!) and I speak English at every turn.  To say that these three weeks have become something special — is to say nothing. Aaron was one of the most important teachers in my life. And I don't have the words to say how grateful I am for his work.  Now I work in the a travel magazine, enjoy this world and speak English whenever I can.

- Maya Gimaeva 

The perfect place to study English, professionalism and fun are the best ingredients to study and there you can find the exactly what you are looking for!!!!!!

- Alessandro Oliva 


I was on the language course last summer, best summer of my life. I learned a lot thanks to Aaron, and he is simply the best and funniest teacher ever!!!

- Tyra Pappila

Definitely one of the best experience I´ve ever had! Learning becomes fun here, compared to other places. I would give a huge credit to Aaron, because he has an extraordinary way of teaching his students. He is funny, respects his students and shows that he cares about their learning, which made my trip perfect! I would recommend Avalon International Academy to anyone!

- Aina Renate Vaagø

Torquay is probably the best place to learn English when you like the seaside and are open to many different activities! I´ll always remember my time there with my friends and my great teachers ( Also a big thanks to Aaron Hussain) :)

- Angela Kovac 

Aaron is the most humorous teacher and the best teacher I ever met ! Under his teaching it was unlike normal lessons which are boring, lessons are fun instead!

- Charisa Mak

Last year I was lucky enough to be one of Aaron's students. He's not only an amazing teacher, he's also a great person!

- Alex Marvakova 

Il y a 2 ans je suis partis à Torquay et j'ai passé 2 semaines extraordinaires avec Aaron il est le meilleur prof d'anglais du monde il a eu un impacte sur ma vie et mon future et je le remercie beaucoup !

- Amandine Nicolini 

Per uno studente, specialmente italiano, ci sono due cose che sembrano un incubo : i professori e imparare l’inglese. Quindi non c’è nulla di più terrorizzante di un professore di inglese. 
Ma poi arriva Aaron. 
Aaron non ha affatto l’aspetto di un terribile professore e non usa l’inglese per terrorizzare i poveri studenti, ma ti insegna soltanto una cosa: se sei inspirato, allora puoi fare tutto nella tua vita. Ma per insegnarti ciò Aaron… usa l’ inglese!!! L’inglese, con Aron, diventa una bicicletta con la quale andare per i verdi prati inglesi, sul lungomare di Torquay ed andare alla scoperta dei circa 30 gorilla (sì, ho detto proprio: gorilla!) A volte le strade sono un po’ in salita, è vero, ma Aaron sa sempre quale marcia consigliarti.
Non so bene quanti anni abbia Aaron, perché se parla, rigorosamente in inglese (conoscerà altre lingue?), con un ragazzo di 15 anni, lui sembra che ne abbia al massimo 16, ma se si confronta con uno di 30, allora puoi essere sicuro che ne ha anche lui 30. Sì: Aaron non è mai né più grande né più piccolo di te. Credo che questo dipenda da una semplice cosa, il suo segreto nell’insegnamento è darti la sua esperienza con l’esempio.
Quando lo conobbi, però, ad Aaron mancava qualcosa: Ellie!
Ellie ha due grandi passioni: il teatro e … organizzare i lavoro, il suo e .. quello di Aaron! E’ così appassionata che non si riesce a capire se ama tutto ciò che fa oppure fa tutto ciò che ama. Ma comunque il risultato è lo stesso: fa tutto con amore.
Ellie conosce un po’ di italiano, perché ha deciso di impararlo e sicuramente ci riuscirà benissimo. Questo è un aspetto molto importante per un’insegnante: aver sempre voglia di imparare, oltre che insegnare.
Sono contenta che Aaron ed Ellie abbiano deciso di fare una scuola d’inglese, perché è bello che i ragazzi abbiano la possibilità di imparare l’inglese con persone appassionate di tutto ciò che fanno.

- Elisabetta Oliva