About Avalon

Avalon International promotes global exchange through a variety of cross-cultural educational projects. From immersive language learning to unique intercultural exchanges, the academy seeks to nurture the global citizens of the future. Our programmes in language, sciences and the arts are all geared towards making positive strides with societal, humanitarian and conservational issues, and provide every individual who comes on an adventure with us with an incredible, life-changing experience that they will never forget.

Our aims:

 To make the world a friendlier and more interconnected place
through nurturing global citizens. 
 To raise money and awareness to preserve the cultures
and natural habitats of areas challenged by tourism and urbanisation.
 To provide new, unique opportunities for work and study
for people from all backgrounds.
 To promote the arts as an integral part of human culture
and community across the world.

How we achieve them:

By working with charities and local people / businesses
to support real change.
By forging networks and nurturing intercultural collaborations around the Globe:
from Russia to Italy, Indonesia to China.
By maintaining the personal touch: nothing mass-produced, everything tailor-made.
Each course, programme or experience is unique.
 By contributing towards world-healing causes: from supporting endangered species in Indonesia, to refugee aid in Europe.
Through providing bursaries to help people join in
with our programmes wherever we can.

Learn new skills and seek adventure while giving back...
By taking a place on one of our courses, you are not only signing up for a 
once-in-a-lifetime experience, but also making direct 
contribution to global change